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Saber Offroad New Front Recovery Points

Press Release: A Safer, Smarter Front Recovery Point!

All NEW, Patented Front Recovery Point

  • First-ever recovery point designed specifically for soft shackles
  • Patented and registered design, developed and destruction tested in Australia
  • Provides significantly improved bend radius for soft shackle performance in a recovery situation
  • Recovery points developed and available now to suit: 70, 80, 100, and 105 Series Toyota LandCruiser; and Nissan Navara D40, and GU Patrol (II-V). More makes and models in development

Thursday 18th November, Melbourne: If you’re looking to reduce metal from your recovery kit, then soft shackles are the way to go. Lightweight and incredibly strong they make vehicle recoveries much safer, and Saber Offroad is one of the leading brands in soft recovery equipment.

Until now, those making the switch to soft shackles have had to rely on recovery points designed for heavy steel bow shackles. While Saber produced soft shackles with a protective binding that can be used with conventional recovery points, the sharp bend radius isn’t ideal for maximum performance of a soft shackle. And that’s why Saber Offroad has designed and developed a range of recovery points specifically to suit soft shackles.

Coated bright orange (so you’ll never lose them in the mud), constructed from up to 14.5mm plate steel with 12.9 Muts grade mounting bolts and featuring Saber Offroad’s patented design, all these recovery points are independently batch tested in a NATA-accredited facility.

Unlike regular recovery points with their square edges, Saber Offroad recovery points boast a doughnut design allowing for a significantly improved bend radius from an under-pressure soft shackle. Whilst not necessary if soft shackles are at hand, a metal bow shackle can still be used in conjunction with these recovery points.

“Our customers have been asking us to make a recovery point that is designed for soft shackles, said Steve Handbury, Saber Offroad, Director – Product Development.

“So, we sat down and looked at how we could design a vehicle-mounted recovery point specifically to suit soft shackles. We looked at a lot of different designs but our ‘ah-ha’ moment came when we split a doughnut-shaped ring in half and fitted it to a recovery point. This created a far superior bend radius to get the maximum performance from a soft shackle,” he added.

All Saber Offroad recovery points are designed, developed and destruction tested to suit specific makes and models. Currently, recovery points are available for 70, 80, and 100 Series Toyota LandCruisers, as well as the GU Nissan Patrol and D40 Navara. More vehicle makes and models will be announced in the coming months. Stock is expected to begin shipping early next year and pricing will be announced closer to the launch date.

Tested and rated, each recovery point should be fitted as a matched pair and used during any recovery situation in conjunction with a Saber Offroad rated soft shackle.


Contact Information:

MercuryPM Pty Ltd – T/A Saber Offroad
1/114 Merrindale Dr, Croydon South, Victoria, 3136
Ph: 03 8799 2974

Shackles for a Cause Social Share 2000px

Introducing Shackles for a Cause

When Steve joined Saber Offroad, he raised an idea of creating a Blue Soft Shackle to raise money for Autism, and with both of us having kids on the spectrum, we moved immediately towards making it happen.

As the idea built, we wanted to do more than just raise funds for one cause, we wanted more. Welcome to ‘Shackles For A Cause”.

We have three soft shackles, Blue (Autism), Purple (Epilepsy) & Pink (Cancer). All causes close to our hearts. We will be giving 20% of every sale to the following designated charities:

About the PURPLE Shackle Charity

The Brain Foundation is a nationally registered charity dedicated to funding world-class research Australia-wide into neurological disorders, brain disease and brain injuries.

Established in 1970 by neurologists and neurosurgeons, the Brain Foundation funds groundbreaking projects that aim to advance diagnoses, treatment and patient outcomes.  The Brain Foundation annually provides research grants to candidates who are selected by eminent neurological practitioners.

About the PINK Shackle Charity

Childhood Cancer Support is a not-for-profit organisation who, for 44 years, has been dedicated to providing families affected by childhood cancer with a place to live that looks and feels like home. Childhood Cancer Support is the oldest children’s cancer charity in Australia and was founded by a dedicated group of parents who realised there was an urgent need to provide a safe and family-focused environment for regional families whilst their child was receiving life-saving cancer treatment in Brisbane at the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

About the BLUE Shackle Charity

Lyrebird College was set up to pursue excellence in the education of young people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. They deliver an individualised curriculum that recognises every child’s right to be supported in a joyful and caring learning environment that enables them to meet their full potential. Develop and promote good practice amongst professionals and carers in the delivery of the individualised curriculum, and promote an understanding of autism in the wider community.

We are so excited to get these on the market and help these causes in our small way! Please share as widely as you can to raise awareness for ‘Shackles For A Cause’.

Thanks so much!

Ben Bartlett

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