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Saber Kinetic Rope

Saber Offroad Kinetic Rope Range
Saber Offroad Kinetic Rope Range October2022 Stacked 1

The Best Kinetic Rope On The Market

50% More Stretch Than a Snatch Strap

The key feature that makes kinetic recovery rope so effective is its ability to stretch. When put under load, kinetic rope will stretch up to 30%, which develops many benefits during vehicle recovery. Compared to even the best snatch straps on the market, this is over 50% more stretch. This added stretch relieves the sudden ‘shock’ felt during vehicle recovery, reducing the stress on the vehicle and those inside.

To benefit from this additional stretch, it’s important to match the gross vehicle mass of the lightest vehicle being recovered to the recommended weight range of the kinetic rope you are using. Saber has kinetic ropes covering vehicles from Jimnys to Land Cruisers, Patrols to Unimogs, Ford F-Series and Isuzu Isuzu NPR 4×4 Trucks.

Flexible & Heavy-duty Nylon 66 Material

The combination of the highest quality Nylon 66 material and the unique outer treatment on the finished rope gives Saber Offroad Kinetic Ropes protection from damaging UV, moisture and abrasives such as dirt and sand.

Soft, Yet Durable Vinyl Polymer Coated Eyes for Rope Protection

Many other ropes on the market offer a nylon sheath which can be effective, however, at Saber Offroad we have worked on a soft and durable vinyl polymer coating on the eyes of our kinetic rope for the ideal amount of protection where it is needed most.

Tested in Accordance with Australian Standards

From a compliance perspective, the Saber Offroad Kinetic Rope range has been tested in a NATA-accredited facility in Melbourne. Combined with the testing of the products, it also has the required labelling so the product is fully compliant for sale in Australia. It is important to note that not all kinetic ropes are created equal. During the product development stage, a number of ropes were tested both from competitors in the market today, and from some alternative potential manufacturers, and the results were concerning. Saber Offroad is proud of the quality, design and safety aspects of this rope range.

Kinetic Recovery Rope is one of the most effective recovery tools you can carry in your vehicle.

Compared to tow rope, chains or even a traditional snatch strap, the benefits of using a kinetic rope are clear as day in a vehicle-to-vehicle recovery. Kinetic ropes are an essential part of any recovery kit.

With kinetic recovery ropes, some slack can be left before the recovering vehicle starts the recovery process. This allows the rope to gain more momentum and therefore generate a much higher pulling force or kinetic energy, helping especially in very loose terrain, like deep sand, snow or mud. Since the kinetic recovery rope is excellent at absorbing shock, it will simply stretch under tension and then transfer all the kinetic energy gained from the recovering vehicle to the vehicle in need.

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