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Engineered in Australia, Designed to Explore the World

Australia has a rich tradition in developing world class off road accessories. Saber Offroad was founded and created not to maintain those standard but to enhance them. Our range is focused on delivering customers superior quality, value, usability and most importantly safety.

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Gear to Get You Home®

Kinetic Recovery

kinetic recovery rope

Soft Shackles

soft shackles

Recovery Hitches

recovery hitches

Recovery Rings

recovery rings

Winch Ropes

winch ropes

Winch Extension
& Utility Ropes

winch extension rope and utility rope

Recovery Bags

recovery bags

Winching Accessories

winching accessories

Here at Saber, we test all of our products to their limits and beyond. The vast majority of our gear is tested to destruction in a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) Lab. We also take our gear into the real world to make sure it will work in the harshest conditions we can find.

Our research and development team have worked hard to produce the world’s best recovery gear. Things like coatings on our ropes through to the metals we use in our accessories have been researched and selected because they’re the best solution for the job.

Our aim is to make sure our products are the strongest and longest lasting in the market. That’s why we spend so much time researching and testing materials or developing our own, like the SaberPro® Fiber. From the design of knots used on our soft shackles, through to bend radius on our recovery rings and more, we are constantly improving our products to make them the best in the world.

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