6061 Aluminium Spliced Winch Thimble

$120.51 $172.95

Unique, Lightweight, Compact and more!

Our Spliced Winch thimble is a true innovation in the winch market and matched with a world class AUSTRALIAN finish, these will surely impress!



If you’re upgrading from a link or a winch hook, the Spliced Winch Thimble (SWT) significantly reduces the metal in the recovery system and is expertly Ceramic Coated (from CERAKOTE USA) here in Australia.

Our unique positive capture system locks the SWT back inside the fairlead to reduce overhang.

The SWT requires some rope splicing knowledge, and we highly recommend a long bury or a locking splice.

The working load limit (WLL) will be a factor of the rope and the splicing method used.


Thimble Option

Cerakote Black, Cerakote Blue, Cerakote Orange, Cerakote Red, Polished Alloy, Cerakote Black & 9K Soft Shackle, Cerakote Blue & 9K Soft Shackle, Cerakote Orange & 9K Soft Shackle, Cerakote Red & 9K Soft Shackle, Polished Alloy & 9K Soft Shackle


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