Kinetic Recovery Rope

Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope is fast becoming recognised as the safest and most optimal way to perform a vehicle recovery. While some tend to refer to it as “Snatch Rope” it is, in fact, quite different from a traditional snatch strap.

How Kinetic Recovery Rope Works

Unlike the traditional snatch strap, a Kinetic Recovery Rope is essentially made up of 2 separate components. The outer sleeve is designed to take the abuse that is often given to these types of recovery devices. This sleeve not only protects the core rope from damage but in the unlikely event of a failure, it will drag the entire Snatch Rope to the ground, rendering it harmless.

The Core of the kinetic recovery rope, on the other hand, is where the magic happens. The Strong elastic fibres are pulled tight by the force of the vehicles moving apart then transferring the kinetic energy from the recovery vehicle into the recovered vehicle.

Saber Offroad Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope

Saber Offroad is dedicated to creating a much safer environment when performing offroad recoveries, for this reason, we have a number of Kinetic Recovery Ropes available in different sizes to suit different vehicles. Similar to a traditional snatch strap, you should be looking to use a rope that is rated at 2-3x the weight of the lightest vehicle in recovery.

For more information on the construction of the Saber Offroad Kinetic Recovery Ropes, check out our dedicated page – here.

Please note that there is a difference between Recovery Ropes and Tow Ropes. Saber Offroad recommend our Utility Rope if you are looking for a Tow solution.