Saber Offroad Jaffle Iron


We’re taking our promise of the gear to get you home to the next level, because now not only can you get out of trouble, you won’t be hungry when you’re doing it! Say hello to our brand new Jaffle Iron.

Did we need to make this? No. Is it beyond epic? Yes, yes it is. Do we have any regrets? None whatsoever.

Want to have the best tasting jaffles you’ve ever had in your life? Come check these bad boys out.

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The Saber Offroad Jaffle Iron.

  • Long arms allow you to keep a safe distance from the open fire while cooking
  • Timber handles stop heat transferring during cooking for safe handling of the iron
  • The embossed internal design gives your cooked jaffles a unique Saber Offroad Branding
  • Pre-seasoned and easy to maintain, just give it a wipe with oil before packing away
  • Two piece hinge design allows for easy cleaning and convenient storage
  • Includes a storage bag to keep your jaffle iron clean between uses



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