Saber Offroad Winching Accessories

To create a safe winch recovery scenario you need a number of good quality components, all designed to work together in harmony. We have created a range of Winch Recovery products that are designed to make any winching situation Safer, Smarter & Stronger.

Saber Offroad Winch Rope

The core of any good winch recovery is the winch rope. Traditionally winches have been loaded up with a heavy cable that not only weighs a tonne but is also significantly more dangerous in the case of a failure. Sabre offroad have created a winch rope that outperforms Steel Cable by a mile. It is lighter, stronger and more flexible, making it easer to use when in difficult circumstances.

Winch Accessories

On top of the Winch rope, Sabre also has a number of accessories to help create a safer winching environment. From Anchor Points through to Winching rings, we will be able to help you out with high-quality gear.