Saber Offroad Soft Shackles

Soft Shackles are a unique solution designed to help you reduce the amount of metal involved in a recovery situation. Soft shackles have been in use for a number of years in other industries and Saber Offroad has worked hard to create shackles that designed for the demands of the 4WD industry.

Which Soft Shackle do you need?

Saber Offroad has a variety of soft shackles to suit most circumstances and use cases.

The Double Braided Shackle is your base soft shackle designed to join other soft recovery equipment together. If you are joining a utility rope to a recovery rope or Winch Rope, this is the perfect solution.

For extra protection when using a soft shackle up against a smooth metal edge the Saber Offroad Sheathed Soft Shackles are going to be your go-to solution. This shackle is designed to take a bit of extra abuse that metal will throw at it.

The final piece of the puzzle comes together with the Saber Bound Shackles. The bound shackle is designed to take on the bigger nemesis of soft shackles, a square edge. The Technora binding is often used in some of the harshest conditions with military and aviation use a regular.